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Username: Apostle Brian Dickerson
First name: Pastor
Last name: Dickerson
Location: Church on Fire Revival Center in Denton, TX
Bio: Pastor Brian Dickerson preached for 7 years, 1997-2003, changing many people's lives forever for the better. His anointed words and songs can be found in over 800 audio clips containing full messages during those years, mostly from his church in Denton, TX "Church on Fire Revival Center." He passed away following a mission trip to Africa, where he contracted malaria. His wife still preaches to this day. Her messages can be found in the library: http://free.yudu.com/library/116747/Valerie-Sorensen-Ministries-Messages
My Library: http://free.yudu.com/library/22980/Apostle-Brian-Dickerson-s-Messages
My Home Page: http://www.destinymissionproject.com
My Blog: http://www.facebook.com/tentrevival

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