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Catalogue e-business magazine
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With the strapline “News, tactics, and views for cross-channel commerce”, Catalogue e-business is the leading publication for offline and online cataloguers and multichannel sellers in the UK. Founded in 1995 as Catalogue & Mail Order Business, Catalogue e-business has evolved to include a website, www.catalog-biz.com, and Cross-Atlantic Insight, a free fortnightly enewsletter offering tactical advice and industry research with an international flavour. Published 10 times a year, Catalogue e-business provides readers with the latest sector news, actionable how-to articles and advice, and opinions and viewpoints from thought leaders and industry leaders. Regular features include •B-to-b: Focusing on the issues unique to marketers catering to business buyers. •Catalogue Exchange update: A forum for members of the Catalogue Exchange, a trade association of remote-shopping professionals. For more on the Catalogue Exchange, visit www.catalogueexchange.co.uk. •Catalogue review/website review: A prominent creative expert critiques the effectiveness of a website or a print catalogue. •Distribution and delivery: Advice to help direct sellers get their goods to customers as efficiently and effectively as possible. •Lists and data: Exploring how best to win new customers and retain existing ones using rental lists, transaction data, and other tools. •Online marketing: The latest information on ecommerce best practice. •Movers and shakers: Keeping up-to-date with people in the industry. •Small-business spotlight: Homing in on the needs of new and developing companies. •S Cuttlebutt: A tongue-in-cheek look at the latest industry gossip.

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