Who is Who on the Construction Machinery Market #5 (2004-2005)

Who is Who on the Construction Machinery Market #5 (2004-2005)

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“Who is Who on the Construction Machinery Market” is the comprehensive catalog that meets the requirements of an ordinary salesperson as well as professionals of the construction machinery market. The catalog compares favorably among similar editions for its informational richness, logical structuring and convenience in search of the necessary information. “Who is Who on the Construction Machinery Market” is a unique, illustrated catalog of machinery such as: earth-moving, road-building, etc., commercial transport, municipal vehicles, and special purpose equipment. It contains information about all kinds of earth-moving, road-building, etc. machinery and equipment which are produced by the leading manufacturers of Russia, Asia, Europe and America’s. In addition to reference information, latest news from the construction machinery market, interesting articles, interviews with popular Russian vendors and manufacturers who enjoy wide popularity among consumers are included in the catalog's content. Anyone who is interested in this catalog may subscribe to “Who is Who on the Construction Machinery Market” for free. PRIMARY GOALS OF THE CATALOG To give consumers of earth-moving, road-building, lifting machinery commercial transport, and municipal vehicles, a trustworthy source of information about manufacturers and their products they offer with comprehensive specifications and photos. To help participants of earth-moving, road-building, lifting machinery, commercial transport, and municipal vehicles, market, establish direct relations between each other. To provide careful and comprehensive advice of produced earth-moving, road-building, lifting machinery for one’s choosing. MAJOR SECTIONS OF THE CATALOG PART I CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT 1. Earth-moving Machinery and Equipment 2. Road-building Machinery and Equipment 3. Lifting Machinery and Equipment 4. Commercial Transport 5. Municipal Vehicles and Equipment 6. Special Purpose Equipment Each model is accompanied with a photo, reference to the manufacturer as well as basic specifications. The catalog is based on information received from the manufacturers and suppliers of earth-moving, road-building, and lifting machinery. PART II MANUFACTURERS, VENDORS Contains contact information of manufacturers and vendors (dealers, distributors, trading houses, representatives of the foreign companies and etc.) PART III THE APPENDIX Contains tables with comparative specifications of construction machinery and equipment.

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