September 7 2007, Issue 9 Vol 1, LIVE Magazine from Palm Springs

September 7 2007, Issue 9 Vol 1, LIVE Magazine from Palm Springs

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Published bi-weekly, LIVE Magazine provides news and features about upcoming current local arts, entertainment, events, non-profit benefits, shopping and dining venues, and local services to Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley of California. With over 600 faces in photo features LIVE Magazine reflects the smiles and pleasant side of the desert lifestyle in photo almanacs of recent gatherings of locals and visitors. We strive to inspire readers to recognize they are a part of a greater community and to inform them how to manifest their part by becoming involved in local benefit and community support efforts. Other content includes commentary on films and shows, human interest stories, and simple diversions such as recipes, do-it-yourself projects, and local top ten music lists. We provide an affordable advertising venue to reach the most in the Palm Springs Community and Coachella Valley.

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