ComicScape May 2012

ComicScape May 2012

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COMICSCAPE #3 - May 2012 Reviews, news, and views for May 2012. Top news stories include big successes for Marvel in their comic arc AvX and spectacular box-office smash, Avengers Assemble. 2000AD announces a partnership with IDW, whilst bringing back the Dark Judges to the weekly. Meanwhile, DC re-introduces Earth-2, as Image reveal the demise of Jack Staff. • In Tales That Astonished, we go back to the epic Legion of Superheroes: The Great Darkness Saga. • This Day In Comics sees resurrection central from May 1982 • In Versus, it’s Wolverine against your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man • The Old and The New pits Defenders #4 from 1973 against Defenders #4 from 2012 • Post-apocalyptic BBC drama Threads is the Flick That Time Forgot • New comic strip, Kid Tiger, begins 48 pages. FREE!!

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