Ontario Home & Gardener Living magazine

Ontario Home & Gardener Living magazine

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premium, full-gloss magazine dedicated to Ontario gardeners and their homes. Our editorial includes information on:  Windows & doors  Decks and patios  Furnishings and décor  Kitchens and bathrooms  Renovations  Hardscaping and landscaping  Gardening and so much more. Research has proven that readers of Ontario Home & Gardener Living display the magazine prominently in their homes and consult it frequently prior to making their gardening, landscaping and home buying decisions. Published 5 times a year, each issue contains premium, uncompromised editorial. Original, local content about gardening, landscaping, homes and renovations located within Ontario in a familiar format that readers recognize and enjoy. Each issue of Ontario Home & Gardener Living magazine is specific in its content, with editorial that is relevant to our reader’s own backyards and homes.

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