(4.) MONTEREY CANYON NEANDERTHAL. (AmericanNeanderthals.blogspot.com)

(4.) MONTEREY CANYON NEANDERTHAL. (AmericanNeanderthals.blogspot.com)

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PETRIFIED NEANDERTHAL HUNTING BOW FROM MONTEREY CANYON IS OLDEST ARCHERY DEVICE EVER FOUND. When first detected in the Monterey Canyon cave, nearly the entire profile of the fossilized Neanderthal hunting bow (above, and Figs. 5 & 7) was protruding somewhat from the cave's lower wall. PSR's founder and CEO, Curt Novolin, explains: "When we first spotted it from the subs, it looked like a temple wall sculpture of a recurve style archery bow in base relief. My colleagues concur that the cave-facing half of the bow's original encasement must have fallen off at a later time. Thereby exposing just one longitudinal side of the bow along its entire length. Like removing only one half of the iron mold for an aluminum tool, for example. After the molten aluminum has been poured in and hardened." The distal bowstring 'nock' is now missing from one of the bow limbs. But the other limb appears to have its string nock reasonably intact. Novolin: "The position and angle of that single surviving bowstring nock --- in conjunction with the convoluted profile of the two limbs --- is convincing evidence that this was intended to be a sophisticated and powerful recurve archery device at point of Stone Age manufacture. But without that one partially intact string nock, one could have argued in favor of the much simpler longbow type of overall design. Albeit of a peculiar curvilinear configuration. Could this bow have been simply a found tree branch? Just a natural piece of wood the Neanderthal stumbled upon, and then fancied it might make a smart looking hunting bow? That's possible, I suppose. But not very likely in my opinion. No matter who actually made nor owned it." (The complete article describing the Monterey Canyon Neanderthal discovery can be read or downloaded by clicking the image or VIEW box at left.)

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