(4.) CALIFORNIA NEANDERTHALS. (NeanderthalTimesReview.blogspot.com)

(4.) CALIFORNIA NEANDERTHALS. (NeanderthalTimesReview.blogspot.com)

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SUBMARINES EXTRACT NEANDERTHAL TREASURE FROM CALIFORNIA'S OFFSHORE 'GRAND CANYON'. Only 15.5 miles (24.9 k) due west of the Moss Landing marina, the Monterey Canyon Neanderthal cave lies beneath a surprising 456 ft (139 m) of seawater. It is situated above a large depression in the Canyon wall. When confronted with the obvious question as to how the cave could have been above water 50K years BP, when the last ice age was supposed to have peaked only 10K years BP, PSR's founder, Curt Novolin, becomes indignant: "Who knows the answer to that one? When you're talking tens of thousands of years into the past or the future. In the final analysis, it's all just an educated guess. A computer algorithm, extrapolating some geologist's or climatologist's probability equations backwards, forwards, or sideways in time. You're gonna tell me that Homo sapiens and/or Neanderthal were not at least somewhere in the Western Hemisphere by fifty thousand BC? Baloney! No evidence? It's underwater, stupid. That's what I've been telling mainstream science for decades. And now we have that evidence, and then some. No, I didn't expect to find a Neanderthal, per se, down in the Monterey Canyon. But he nonetheless suffices to drive home my point. Early humans, our Hominid ancestors, had nothing more fun to do during their spare time, holidays, and weekends off than stomp around this tiny planet. Just to see where their big, fat, Paleolithic feet would take them. This Monterey Canyon discovery is just the beginning. Submarine archaeology along the continental shelves, which were all exposed in the past, will one day divulge unimaginable wonders about the global adventures of early humans. Discoveries that will make our Neanderthal cave find pale in comparison. And in just a few years, we won't have to depend on primitive side-scan sonar, dive gear, nor submarines to find it all. Satellite, aircraft, and ship-based remote sensing instruments will instantly isolate everything from Alexander's tomb and the Ark of the Covenant, to Amelia Earhart's plane and the Loch Ness monster. A veritable CT Scan of every seafloor, continental shelf, and terrestrial landmass too. To a resolution of one square millimeter, and beyond. So much stuff will be detected, it will take a thousand years to ever excavate it all. And the irony is that the further we proceed into the future, the more we discover about our distant past." (The complete article describing the Monterey Canyon Neanderthal discovery can be read or downloaded by clicking the image or VIEW box at left.)

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