(3.) CALIFORNIA NEANDERTHAL. (NeanderthalDiscoveryNews.blogspot.com)

(3.) CALIFORNIA NEANDERTHAL. (NeanderthalDiscoveryNews.blogspot.com)

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NEANDERTHALS MAY HAVE BEEN AMERICA'S FIRST PIONEERS. PSR's chief scientist, founder, and CEO, Curt Novolin, withheld announcement of their discovery for weeks pending radiocarbon dating of the skull and (likely) hearth charcoal recovered from the Neanderthal cave. Novolin: "We definitely took our sweet time with this one. We had to make certain that what could be one of the greatest finds in the history of anthropology, archaeology, and everything else was exactly as advertised. So we had three separate labs do the carbon work. In three different countries. And they all reported around fifty thousand years for the skull, and the charcoal. Give or take about five K, very conservative, one way or the other. Yes, fifty thousand is pushing the envelope for carbon dating. But their precise age is not the issue here. The fact that they exist at all is the issue. We are still reeling from it. None of this fits the standard theory on Paleoindians." (The complete article describing the Monterey Canyon Neanderthal discovery can be read or downloaded by clicking the image or VIEW box at left.)

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