(1.) NORTH AMERICAN NEANDERTHAL. (SubmarineArchaeologyTimes.blogspot.com)

(1.) NORTH AMERICAN NEANDERTHAL. (SubmarineArchaeologyTimes.blogspot.com)

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MONTEREY BAY FISHING AT ITS BEST. Flanked by the "Venus of Monterey" dagger and petrified hunting bow from the Monterey Canyon submarine cave, Pacific Shelf Research CEO, Curt Novolin, proudly displays his greatest catch of the day: the skull of an adult male Neanderthal. Who evidently flourished on the coast of California some 50,000 years ago. How a Neanderthal got to California so long ago, and how his remains ended up beneath 456 ft. (139 m) of seawater, are questions that are confounding scientists from many disciplines. (NOTE: The complete article describing the history making Monterey Canyon Neanderthal discovery can be read or downloaded by clicking the thumbnail image or "View" box at left.)

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