(1.) AMERICAN NEANDERTHALS. (AnnalsOfSubmarineResearch.blogspot.com)

(1.) AMERICAN NEANDERTHALS. (AnnalsOfSubmarineResearch.blogspot.com)

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MONTEREY CANYON EXCAVATION SUGGESTS NEANDERTHALS WERE THE FIRST NATIVE AMERICANS. On August 25, 2011, about 11:00 a.m. (Pacific Time), while exploring the immense submarine canyons (Figs. 8-10) off Monterey, California, submersible divers from Pacific Shelf Research (PSR), San Diego, made an improbable discovery that has rocked the conventional wisdom on Paleoamericans: to wit, the skull (Fig. 1) and unprecedented artifacts (Figs. 4-7) of a full-blown Neanderthal man. Calculated to be residing on the California coastline circa 50,000 (50K) years Before Present (BP). The startling relics removed from the deep offshore site include a fossilized archery bow (Figs. 5-7). And an artfully crafted flint dagger (Fig. 4), with a curious Venus of Willendorf-like handle. Which PSR has unofficially dubbed the, "Venus of Monterey". (NOTE: The complete article describing the history making American Neanderthal discovery can be read or downloaded by clicking the thumbnail image or "View" box at left.)

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