Baumgardt Family History

Baumgardt Family History

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After 30 years of research a comprehensive and stunningly illustrated book detailing the descendants of Paul and Eva Baumgardt has now been published. This truly is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to read family stories and view archival photos. A personally significant book that will satisfy your curiosity and answer your questions about your Polish ancestors. “I hope that future descendants will treasure the records in this book ... of what has already become a large and widespread family.” Elizabeth Cowie (née Morris) Nearly 200 pages, over 200 photos from 1890 to 1980, with maps, family trees covering the five branches, including Bungard, Francis, Wells, Morrison and Wilson. Also births, deaths and marriages until 2011. Your name is in here! All proceeds from sales go towards covering part of the cost of having a book professionally produced. It has been a more time-consuming and costly job than originally envisaged; however, the quality and content has exceeded my expectations. To view sample images from the book and to print an order form, please visit our website www.baumgardt.weebly.com. Some of you may wish to consider purchasing an extra copy of the Baumgardt Family History to donate to your local library, genealogy society or local museum.

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