God Works Magazine - Jan/Feb 2012

God Works Magazine - Jan/Feb 2012

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God Works Magazine is a digital publication and is available to view at no cost to our site's visitors. It focuses on the works of God done through people who are willing to be His vessels. It provides news, articles, devotionals, and features from people of Faith. Our goal is to spread light on, not only the news and people who make headlines, but those whose works sometimes go almost completely unnoticed. We aim to enlighten our readers on what is happening in Christian communities worldwide and be a trusted resource for those desiring a closer, stronger relationship with God. God's work can be done by anyone regardless of age, background, or circumstance. At God Works Magazine, we will remain committed to reaching out to people worldwide, delivering messages of Hope, Faith, and the Love of God. Visit us online at www.GodWorksMagazine.com.

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