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A magazine thoughtfully conceived for more than three years and finally came to fruition on Christmas 2008, existed with an overriding vision of becoming an extension of community awareness and strenthening the spirit of comradeship among all Filipinos. LA Pinoy has a farsighted view of what a magazine can accomplish in the hearts of its readers. Confidently joined by a team of hardworking truly inspired beautiful minds, LA Pinoy Magazine is always eager to provide competitive news, community events, fresh faces and up to date fashion with remarkable creativity and faithful designs. LA Pinoy Magazine is committed to furnish not only happenings and month to month collection of fair, well thought out views of public issues but also brazen quickening guidance and vital directions on the realities of life. In a world of aimless disputes, deviant behaviors and the obvious demise of traditional values, LA Pinoy Magazine is revived by the unwavering dependence on the Creator. Through distribution, mailings and internet connections LA Pinoy Magazine reaches unpredictable number of audience who comprises shoppers that will bring about strong desires to BUY. Backed by advance technology LA Pinoy Magazine can tap significant possiblities in delivering “YOUR MESSAGE” prompting consumers to demand your product.

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