Vina Robles 2008 Spring Newsletter

Vina Robles 2008 Spring Newsletter

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In the more than 10 years since I planted our first estate vineyard in Paso Robles, I have witnessed our region’s extraordinary growth in the industries of wine and hospitality. From wineries to vineyards, restaurants to hotels, the evolution of Paso Robles as a wine country has been swift and smart, with an emphasis on preserving the unique natural beauty and culture of the area. It’s no surprise that Paso Robles has quickly become one of the hottest wine destinations in the country. In Switzerland, where I own restaurants and a wine distribution company, I also enjoy the opportunity to view Paso Robles and California from another vantage, through the eyes of the European market. Here, too, the buzz about Paso Robles is growing, but there’s still a lot of work to be done in achieving global recognition. For this reason, I have placed an emphasis on exporting a portion of our wines to international markets such as Canada, Japan and Sweden. All of our wines could easily be sold domestically, but for the Vina Robles team, it’s about sharing and expanding the culture of wine, and introducing people to new flavors that will enrich and enliven their palates. I hope to see you soon at our new hospitality center in Paso Robles. In the meantime, I encourage you to uncork a bottle from our area for a virtual tour of a special place.

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