Homeport Magazine Summer 2011 Edition

Homeport Magazine Summer 2011 Edition

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'Homeport' is the official magazine of the Naval Families Federation. Homeport is a free, quarterly publication distributed to Royal Naval and Royal Marines personnel and their families throughout the world. Homeport is available in ships and establishments, or you can sign up to the Homeport mailing list by contacting the Naval Families Federation (NFF) via our website: www.nff.org.uk. The Naval Families Federation offers an independent voice to Royal Naval and Royal Marines personnel and all members of their extended family. The NFF provides support and guidance on day-to-day issues that occur as a direct result of being part of a Naval Service family. The NFF has direct access to the Chain of Command, the MOD, service providers, the Government and other Government departments. We represent the needs and concerns of Naval Service personnel and their families, ensuring that the unique challenges they face are considered in the ‘purple arena’ and when policies are reviewed. www.nff.org.uk

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