How to Survive a DEA Audit

How to Survive a DEA Audit

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Why Should You Attend: When DEA Diversion personnel conducts an unannounced inspection to perform an audit on a premise that is registered as a manufacturer or distributor, they generally do not inform the DEA registrant on what steps will be taken during the inspection. In some cases, the registrant is not aware of what information they will need until they ask the registrant. In so many cases, the lack of record-keeping and security requirements will lead to some type of actions from an administrative violations to a civil action that may result in the firm paying thousands of dollars to settle any allegation that were uncovered by DEA personnel. This presentation will cover all the elements of a DEA inspection and all the record-keeping and security requirements that are expected during that unannounced inspection and will place you in a better situation to understand all the areas of the inspection. By following the outline, you can prepare your firm for that unannounced inspection.

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