CDP 2010 Public Procurement Report

CDP 2010 Public Procurement Report

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The UK Government has tasked itself with becoming the ‘greenest government ever’, saving £81 billion and increasing transparency in its operations. All of these commitments will need the support of its supply chain. This report, for the third year of the Carbon Disclosure Project’s Public Procurement Programme, gives insight into the greenhouse gas emissions, and climate change risk and opportunity in the Government’s supply chain. In 2010, 25 Government departments and non-departmental public bodies participated, as well as the GLA group and five NHS organisations. The number of participating suppliers measuring emissions and reporting to these organisations on their carbon management and climate change actions grew by more than 60% (262) compared with 2009 figures. The diversity of the supplier group was evident in the number of small and medium-sized enterprises reporting (now 56, an increase of 330%) and the range of companies that are publicly listed outside the UK (over 100). There was also a sharp increase (58% from 36% in 2009) in companies choosing to make their disclosure public, demonstrating a commitment to transparency.

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