CDP 2010 Netherlands 50 Report

CDP 2010 Netherlands 50 Report

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For the third time since 2007, the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) has invited the 50 largest companies by market capitalisation in the Netherlands (Netherlands 50)1 to respond to the CDP investor information request. This report, prepared by CDP’s local partner Accenture, analyses the responses to the 2010 CDP questionnaire and presents an analysis of how companies react to climate change. Climate change has become a returning item on the agendas of worldwide leaders and corporate executives. Corporations are exposed to increasing risks and opportunities, because of expected regulatory and physical changes (e.g. legislation to reduce emissions, depleting natural resources and increasingly extreme weather conditions) in the near future. Investors are increasingly interested in high quality information that helps them to recognise the leading companies in tomorrow’s business world. CDP meets this investor request by facilitating one of the leading tools for corporations to report on their emissions and reactions to climate change, thereby providing comparable information to investors. The main objective of this report is to present a view of the Netherlands’ largest 50 companies regarding their ability to provide information about their approach towards climate change, their transparency, and their undertaking of positive actions on carbon reduction. Furthermore, this research provides insight into the readiness of these corporations in dealing with risk and opportunities invoked by climate change.

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