IP and Business 04

IP and Business 04

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In the celebration of 10th anniversary of World Intellectual Property Day, Indian Institute of Patent and Trademark Attorney (IIPTA) launched IP and Business on 26th April 2010. Combining mix of news, analysis, features and special columns magazine focuses intellectual property not only as legal right but as a tool for business and revenue generation. Magazine addresses the needs of organizations to maximize the value of intangibles and put in place the desired strategies to tab it. Magazine is unique in being first of its kind and aims to build relationship with not only focused IP organizations but also make common people aware about IP relevance in their life and business. The micro sites is hosted at IIPTA.com and contains blogs about all recent events and stories in IP and downloadable versions of the magazine. Magazine readership is divided into various categories - 1) Scientists and organizations engage in research and development 2) Patent and Trademark attorneys and firms 3) Technology licensing officers at universities 4) Head and Director of SME's or in-house IP Counsel 5) Fashion Designers, Artists, Authors , people engage in cinematographic work 6) Common people 7) Students who wish to develop IP as Career We welcome all kind of feedback. Happy Reading!

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