Climate Change in the Polar Regions - International Polar Year (IPY) Educational Posters

Climate Change in the Polar Regions - International Polar Year (IPY) Educational Posters

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Climate change is a change in conditions such as temperature, winds, rain and snowfall. It is happening now all over the world and the rate of change is predicted to increase in the future. But did you know that the polar regions have a special role to play in climate change? The Arctic is one of the fastest-warming regions of the world, making it a good early warning signal for what climate change may bring to other regions. The dramatic impacts of climate change in the polar regions, such as the melting of ice and snow and the warming of permafrost, will have many global effects, including sea-level rise. Climate change will also affect the lives of Arctic people who depend on the environment for activities like hunting, fishing, and reindeer herding. Research in the Arctic and Antarctica is revealing more about current climate change and helping to predict how the climate will change in the future. This poster presents some of what we know so far. This poster has been prepared with the intent for printing by any interested party. The poster can be downloaded for free and unrestricted. Please see http://www.grida.no/polar/ipy/2841.aspx for more information.

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