The Oil Council's September 2010 Edition of 'Drillers and Dealers'

The Oil Council's September 2010 Edition of 'Drillers and Dealers'

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‘Drillers and Dealers’ is The Oil Council’s pioneering monthly e-magazine for the upstream oil and gas industry. It entirely focused on sharing insight, analysis, intelligence and thought leadership across the E&P sector. To receive free monthly editions of ‘Drillers and Dealers’, as well as, discounts to all upcoming Assemblies run by The Oil Council please visit our website now (http://www.oilcouncil.com) to sign up as a Member of The Oil Council. Membership is FREE. More information of our two flagship events (inc. event overviews, goals, draft agendas and confirmed speakers) for each can be found here: - ‘Americas Assembly’, 26-28 October 2010, New York, USA; http://www.oilcouncil.com/ecaa - ‘World Assembly’, 23-25 November 2010, London, UK; http://www.oilcouncil.com/weca

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