Chroming and upgrading of my own bike

Chroming and upgrading of my own bike

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Im a Customization geek always searching for new things for my bike. Throught searching the new way of making my bike more unique i found out a new chroming look and ofcourse i fall in love with things they do in Motor Bicycle there I have just customized my bike and my God it looks great. It wasnt cheap but it also wasnt too expensive and i think that is worth while so if you love your bike just buy it he will thank you later. They also have bike kits and other upgrades however, i cannot say much about them ( i havent used them yet but maybe some day when i will have some more money to experiment) they look quite good on the pictures but, im not so sure they will look as good on my own babe. Although, i would like to put my hands on one of this. Some really look like an pice of art. Right now im going too show off with my new chromed bike on Burning Man i just love this nevada desert. There is always a great atmosphere and no way you will be disatisfied with this event. Im looking for all of your opinions give me a poke if you want to omment or talk about your own experiences with customizing bikes especially if you have found something thats unique or cool. Bikes are the future my friends and we all now it. There are easier to drive, more flexible on roads and with them you can just omit (almost always ) Trafic Jams. Be good and Be a biker

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