Detectable Products :: Metal Detectable Products :: Metal Detectable Pens :: Metal Detectable

Detectable Products :: Metal Detectable Products :: Metal Detectable Pens :: Metal Detectable

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**New** Detectable Products :: Metal Detectable Pens :: Metal Detectable Products http://www.ecc-ltd.co.uk Here at E-Components and Chains/ Detectamet we specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of Detectable Products, Metal Detectable Products, Metal Detectable Polythene, Metal Detectable Plastics, Detectable Plastic Products, Metal Detectable Plastic Products. Our range includes items such as Metal Detectable Plastic Pens, Metal Detectable Plastic Marker Pens, Metal Detectable Food Handling Utensils, Metal Detectable Hairnets, Metal Detectable Vinyl Gloves, Metal Detectable Earplugs, Metal Detectable Safety Knives, Safety Knives Metal Detectable Plastic Storage, Mixing and Handling Equipment, including a wide range in Stainless Steel 316 and 304 grade. We specialise in a wide range of Stainless Steel Clipboards, Stainless Steel Ringbinders, Stainless Steel Recipe Cards, Aluminium Clipboards, Aluminium Ring Binders, Aluminium Ringbinders, Aluminium Flipcharts. Our Engineering department can supply all your requirements for Conveyor Components, Conveyor Chains, Uhmwpe Wear Strips, Uhmwpe Guide Rails,Conveyor Bottle Guides, Slatband Chain for Conveyors,Changeparts for filling, labelling & canning, bottling & canning spares, engineering plastics, etc that are manufactured to the highest standard/specification and are backed by many years experience gained within the Bottling, Canning, Beverage, pharmaceutical, Food Packaging Industries etc

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