May 5, 2010 Las Vegas

May 5, 2010 Las Vegas

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Balita The Latest news and views on Filipino America. Since 1991, Balita Media Inc. (BMI) has been serving and informing the Filipino-American community about the raging news and issues both in the Philippines and the Filipino American community. Print Media Today, what started out as Balita USA has blossomed into a highly competitive company that owns and publishes Midweek Balita and Weekend Balita, out Wednesdays and Saturdays. BMI's integrity as a company is anchored on the motto, "Balanced news, information, integrity and service." Online BMI is also one of the first Filipino-American news magazines to publish online, beginning in 1993 when it launched www.balita.com, helping the company reach out to a global audience composed primarily of Filipinos reading abroad. Now one of the most trafficked Filipino news magazines online, the site offers instant access to BMI's reporting and analysis. www.balita.com has also partnered with industry leaders that offer the latest information on global events and issues. Behind the Headlines At the helm is Ms. Luchie Allen, BMI's Chief Executive Officer. The Editorial Department is headed by editors Rhony Laigo and Antoinette Bueno with Jannelle So as editor-at-large. Jojo Margen is the production manager and our corporate technology manager.

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