The Pictures and Diary of a Wartime Artist

The Pictures and Diary of a Wartime Artist

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www.greatwarartist.com Sample for free Unseen and unpublished. An amazing insight into the First World War by war artist Len Smith. His diary is packed with more than 360 illustrations - many of them watercolors and sketches that have only been seen by his immediate family. Our software allows you to zoom in on these images, like the one above of Vimy Ridge. This amazing piece of World War One history is a complete record of his war and covers his time from signing up,until the last day of the war. Originally handwritten in pencil, the text was smuggled home from the trenches in his puttees (leggings) during leave. The illustrations transport the reader through his experiences on several key battlefields. View pages of the book for free Just click on the image to left.

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