Know No Stranger presents "New, New Stranger"

Know No Stranger presents "New, New Stranger"

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A ginormous and sincere “thank you” goes out to each and every person who has ever been involved with Know No Stranger. You might have thrown ideas out at meetings, helped build sets, attended the shows or silently applauded us from afar. The support, love, hard work and curiosity that has been poured into KNS strengthen it by the day, hour and minute. You are helping us accomplish our on-going goal: to build a sense of community not only in our town of Indianapolis, but globally. If you’re interested in being a part of KNS or contributing to the ‘Zine, please contact us: purplepeoplemeeter@hotmail.com (KNS altogether) kp.knownostranger@hotmail.com (‘Zine)

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