YUDUfree for small and medium sized businesses

Publish for free and promote what YUDUfree to the world!

The YUDUfree publishing hub is ideal for small and medium sized businesses that are looking to increase their online presence for free. YUDUfree can help your company reach global audiences and get your message heard.

YUDUfree is a way to publish your promotional materials online
  • Convert your corporate brochures, magazines and catalogues into rich page-turning digital publications for free.
  • Save money on print, packaging and postage and reduce your carbon footprint.
  • With a YUDUplus account, add video, flash and special links* into your digital publications for greater impact (*email and web links are live as standard).

YUDUfree is an additional marketing tool
  • Create a company profile and promotional library - additional web presence for free.
  • Listen to and interact with your customers through your YUDUfree library and messaging system.
  • Embed your publications or whole YUDUfree library onto your corporate website for your customers to browse.
  • Add images, photos and visual bookmarks of your websites to your library for others to see and find.

YUDUfree is a secure organisational hub for your documents
  • Use your library to store all your private business documents - restrict access with password protection.
  • Manage and organise your documents from one central hub.
  • Archive past materials and access them with ease.

"But I'm not technical - how hard will it be?"

Publishing with YUDUfree takes a matter of seconds - simply upload your PDF, Word or Powerpoint file, YUDUfree will do its magic and then automatically email you a link. At the click of a button you can add it to your personalised promotional hub. Try out free publishing now!

Creating your own corporate space is easy - it's been designed for even the most non-technical person in the company. Register for a free YUDUfree account and try it!

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