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The YUDUfree library is full of interesting digital publications and other items for you to read & explore

The YUDUfree library is packed full of digital content that other YUDUfree users have published and uploaded to share with the world. There is something for everyone on YUDUfree - explore the library and see what you find... digital magazines, books, newspapers, brochures, photobooks, artbooks, music, images and bookmarks and more.

Find items of interest in the public YUDUfree library

There are thousands of fantastic publications and other items of interest in the YUDUfree Library. To find and read items of interest, sort and filter using the search bar at the top and filter tools at the left hand side. YUDUfree even lets you search for specifics inside publications. Share items with friends easily and even embed [link] them on your blog, website or myspace page.
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Create your own personal YUDUfree library

You can store all the items you like in your own YUDUfree library - a great way to keep everything that interests you in one place, for easy access in the future. You can make items in your library public, so others can see them in your library, or private, so only you can see them in your library. Setting up your own library is quick, easy and best of all... free. If you decide to publish something yourself one day, this will also be stored in your own library.
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Make friends and interact with other YUDUfree users and publishers

YUDUfree is also great for networking with other readers and publishers and finding people with the same interests as you. If there is a publication you like, click on the publisher to visit their library and see all their other publications. You can add other users as your friends, message them personally and interact with feedback, reviews and comments about their items. You can also subscribe to publisher's RSS feeds, so you will be notified each time they publish something new.

Become a publisher!

Everyone is an expert at something - whether it is music, photography, writing or work, why not share what YUDU with the world... and see how many people enjoy what you publish! YUDUfree is not just about publishing documents - you can upload your photos, images, music and even bookmarks to your favourite sites. Share all your favourite things with the world! It's free to publish and you can choose to keep your items public, private or password protected (to share with friends only).

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