YUDUfree for artists and illustrators

Publish your art online - share what YUDUfree with the world!

The YUDUfree publishing hub is perfect for artists, illustrators and creative individuals looking to showcase their work online for free. With high res image publishing and promotional tools, YUDUfree is an ideal way to show off your talent, promote your exhibitions, attract new commissions, generate sales or sell your work online... or simply let the world enjoy your talent!

Publish an artbook of your work online
  • Convert your work into a high resolution, page-turning portfolio/ebook for free.
  • Add your artbooks to YUDUfree, your own website or blog or send them out over email.
  • Easily embed your artbooks onto your website or blog.
  • Include a personalised video 'message from the artist' - add video, Flash and audio to your artbooks for a small annual fee.

Sell yourself and your work with your own personalised gallery
  • Create a personal profile and public gallery page on YUDUfree.
  • Let other users rate, review and comment on your work.
  • Interact with fans of your work and other artists using the free messaging system.
  • Embed your whole gallery onto your own website or blog.
  • Create a digital archive of all your work for easy access and organisation.
  • Create protected publications for commissioned work in progress - grant access to the client for proofing, review and comment.
  • Create private publications for your eyes only - no one else can see them in your library.
  • Protect and sell your work with a YUDUplus account - profit from your art! More information on selling your work with YUDUplus.

Use YUDUfree as a multimedia reference hub for things of interest
  • 'Publish' your images and photos to store privately or to share with the world!
  • Add interesting images, photos, publications and audio files from the YUDUfree library to your own library for reference.
  • Store visual bookmarks to your favourite websites for easy access from anywhere in the world.

"But I'm not technical - is it hard to do?"

Publishing with YUDUfree takes a matter of seconds - just upload your book as a PDF or Word doc (or OpenOffice equivalent), YUDUfree will do its magic and then automatically email you a link. At the click of a button you can add it to your YUDUfree library, your website or blog or send it out over email.

Try out free publishing now!

Creating your own library and profile is simple - it's been designed for even the most non-technical person to manage with ease! Register for a free YUDUfree library and try it!

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