How do I remove the advertising?

Remove advertising with YUDUplus

In order to keep YUDUfree free for everyone, YUDUfree stream ads into the carbon neutral page 0 of all free YUDUfree publications. If you publish with a free account, an ad will appear underneath the carbon neutral message.

To remove the advertising on the Carbon Neutral page 0, you need to upgrade to YUDUplus.

All publications created with a YUDUplus account will not show advertising on the carbon neutral page 0.

Fully customize your page 0 with YUDU Pro

To fully customize your page 0, you need to upgrade to YUDU Pro. This means you can remove the carbon neutral message as well as the advertising, which appears on page 0 of all YUDUfree publications.
Add your own branding, flash or even video on your customized page 0.

Visit the Pro website for more info - www.yudupro.com

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