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Publishing audio clips, music & podcasts to your YUDUfree library

A quick guide...

You can publish MP3 files to your YUDUfree Library to share with the world, share with select friends or keep for your ears only!

What types of audio file can I publish?

Audio books
Audio clips

If the audio file has not been produced by you, be sure to check the copyright terms of use before you upload. More information on copyright.

How to publish MP3 files...

You must have your own library to publish MP3 files on YUDUfree. Register for free here

  1. Click the large Publish button on the navigation bar at the top of the screen. This will take you to the Publish page.
  2. On this page, choose the 'Audio' button from the options available, which will take you to Audio Upload page.
  3. Click 'browse', choose the file that you wish to publish to your YUDUfree library. Files must be MP3 format (iTunes will convert other audio formats to MP3 for you). For best results, please stick to a constant bit rate encoding of 11,22,33, or 44 kHz.
  4. Type in a title for the file (this will be displayed in the library), select public or private (make sure you have the rights to the copyright if you make it public) and click the 'Publish' button.

The audio will be automatically added to your library and you will be taken directly to the item summary page to organise and sort it properly, with tags, name, categories and more. More information on organising your library.

YUDUfree will add a default 'audio' thumbnail image, so the file is visible in your library. You can easily change this thumbnail to whatever image you want, by clicking on the item in your library, then clicking the 'Change Thumbnail' button in the item summary page.

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Podcast help

Podcasts are easy to create but difficult to do well. Below is some help and advice on creating podcasts to share on YUDUfree.

How to create a Podcast

A podcast is basically a recording of your voice. The easiest way to do this is on your own computer. You may already have a built in microphone on your machine but if not, you can plug in an external one.

We recommend you use Audacity recording software http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ - it's simple to use, powerful and best of all, free.

Once you have created your recording on Audacity, click 'Export' in the file menu to save the podcast in MP3 format to your desktop. Then simply upload the file to YUDUfree from the Publish screen (see above).

Uploading podcasts to YUDUfree

Podcasts can be set to private or protected, like all other YUDUfree Items. But we expect your Podcasts will be public so that other Yusers can listen to what you have to say!

YUDUfree Podcasts have to be in MP3 format like all our audio files. Once you have uploaded the podcast (see 'How to publish MP3 files' above), YUDUfree will automatically give it a default 'audio' image. You can easily change this to whatever image you like, using the 'change thumbnail image' button on the item summary page. Ensure you describe, categorize and tag it so other Yusers can find it easily.

A few tips...

Prepare what you are going to say before you start - even if a simple outline.
Keep it short and to the point.
Take it slowly and speak clearly.
Vary both the pitch and volume of your voice to avoid sending your listeners to sleep!

Be aware of podcasting copyright

Make your podcasts as interesting and dynamic as you can but be careful when you include music, recordings from radio or TV shows and interviews done by others. There are plenty of copyright traps you have to avoid. http://creativecommons.org/podcasting is a great place to get educated. Always use music that is protected by the Creative Commons licence system.

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