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Create Albums to organise your music, photos and documents.

The YUDUfree Album tool gives you the option of grouping your items together into albums, or folders, within your library. Albums therefore help you to organise your library by showing multiple items together.

Users can create 3 different types of album: a 'music' album, 'photo' album or 'mixed' album. Creating a mixed album will mean you can add other types of media to the album, so a band can create a music album and also include an eBook of the lyrics, CD artwork and photos from their latest concert.

Albums can be made public, for anyone to see; protected, accessible only with a password and so great to share with friends and family only; or private, so only you can see it.

To create an album, simply click the 'create new' dropdown button in your personal library and select 'album'. You can drop new items straight into albums when you upload and publish them, or add already-published items from your library by clicking the 'add more...' button and selecting the items you wish to add.

You can upload a new album cover to better represent the contents of the album, by clicking the 'change thumbnail' button on the Item Details page.

Create albums for sale

YUDUplus users have the option of creating albums for sale. This works in much the same way as selling a single item on YUDUfree but it means you can bundle several items together and sell them as a single unit. This could be a music album, a collection of magazines, or a book with associated images, music and links. The money earned from an album sale will be paid into your Plus account.

Please note: publishers must select whether they wish their album to be free or for sale when the album is set up - this can't be changed after the initial creation stage. Albums created for sale must contain only items that you yourself have published and users must ensure that there is at least one item within their for sale album that could be legitimately sold as an individual item.

Albums for sale will appear in the YUDUfree public library (on the Explore and Search pages), in the "items" tab.

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