Publishing the Easy Way

YUDUfree is all about your interests and expertise and how you share them with others.

It's a free library of digital content to read and explore. Find eBooks, magazines, and other documents as well as photos, music and podcasts and bookmarks and add them to your own library.

Create your own interest groups and join other people's, to share your passions, experiences and knowledge with like-minded users.

It's a place where you can self publish your expertise and creative work online, to promote, share or sell to the world.

At the heart of YUDUfree is an award winning multimedia publishing system that brings together the power of the written word, video, audio and images.

Quite simply, it's a place for you... where YUDU it all free.

Free Online Publishing - increase your online profile

Online publishing is perfect for marketers, designers, companies, teachers, students, governments and charities - anyone can publish in a range of formats including beautiful e-books, e-catalogues, music, audio books, photos and presentations. Writers, photographers, composers and musicians; set out your stall and bring your creations alive, reaching global audiences and customers in minutes. With YUDUfree, your readers, customers, viewers and listeners are within easy reach, wherever they are.

If self-publishing isn't for you, then just enjoy browsing the thousands of titles and other digital media of interest in the YUDUfree library. Make friends and interact with other YUDUfree users and your favourite publishers, through comments, reviews and YUDUfree mail. Create your own free YUDUfree library now!

Enhance, Sell and Earn with YUDUplus

Purchase the upgrade to YUDUplus and you can add even more 'WOW' to your ePublications, with your video and audio content. The YUDUplus upgrade is also your route to earning money, either by selling your own creations or helping other people sell theirs.

Join the user-generated publishing revolution and keep the lion's share of income when selling your own creations, or earn generous commissions by promoting other people's on your website - it's easy!

Create and join interest groups - share and interact with others

Explore the library for interest groups you might like to join or easily create your own. Interest groups on YUDUfree let you share your passions, expertise, knowledge and publications with other like-minded users. Discuss interest topics on the group forums, invite friends and add relevant content for other members to enjoy.

Set up a public or moderated group for others to join and get involved in, or create a private group to share more confidential information with family, friends or colleagues.

YUDUfree - share your interests and expertise

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