What file formats can I use?

YUDUfree lets you use the following formats to create digital publications:
PDF, Word(.doc), Powerpoint(.ppt), Excel (and their OpenOffice equivalents). If you have a document in the latest Office 2007 formats (.docx, .xlsx etc) please save it in the Office 97-2003 format (.doc) before uploading.

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Recommended specifications

When uploading Word, Powerpoint and other office files, please set up the page exactly how you would if you were printing the document. For example: set the printing orientation to portrait or landscape as desired, and if necessary, set your paper size. If you are not sure how to do this, check the help files of the application you are using.

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The fonts in my Word/PowerPoint publication aren’t displaying correctly

Both Powerpoint and Word will publish correctly if common fonts are used. If uncommon fonts have been used, they will be automatically converted into their nearest equivalent font. This may change the look of your text and alter the layout slightly.

If you want to use special fonts in your Word or PowerPoint files then we recommend you convert them into PDF before uploading them to YUDUfree. Also ensure that the fonts are embedded when you save the file (some software does this automatically).

If you are happy for uncommon fonts to be converted to their nearest equivalent, make sure that your Powerpoint files leave room for the extra space this can take up.

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Can I add links to my digital publication?

The YUDUfree system will automatically make all web and email links live so your readers can interact with your publication. For the system to pick them up, your PDF files must have embedded fonts.

You can add additional, special links (e.g link an mage or text that doesn't already appear as a web address) to your publication if you upgrade to a YUDUplus account.
More info on YUDUplus.

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Can I add video or flash to my publication?

You can easily add video, flash and audio to your digital publications with a YUDUplus account. YUDUplus lets you enhance your publication for a more interactive and enjoyable reading experience. It is ideal for highend or corporate publications.
More info on YUDUplus..

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Recommended PDF specifications

Most PDFs should be fine but as a guide, the following specifications will create the best quality digital publications:

Each file must be a single PDF, with pages in the correct order

Single pages (not double page spreads).

200 DPI (dots per inch) or greater. YUDUfree can handle pages of even the highest resolution.

Cropped to exact size (no need for cropmarks/bleed etc. which are often required for printing).

Embedded fonts - enable this feature when you save your PDF so the YUDUfree system picks up all web and email links, making them live.

All the same size - or it'll show up in your digital publication.

'Please also ensure that you have flattened any transparencies so that they appear correctly in your YUDUfree publication (this is an advanced design technique that most people won't need to worry about).

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Can I edit my digital publication?

The YUDUfree system doesn't let you edit text within your digital publication - you need to amend the original file to do this. With a basic account simply upload and publish the corrected version again (and you can easily delete the old one from your library). It's free and there are no limits on how many digital documents you publish! 'With a YUDUplus account you can replace individual pages instead of having to republish. YUDUplus also lets you enhance your publications with video, flash and audio.
Upgrade to YUDUplus.

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Usefull free applications for creating documents

MAC USERS - Use iLife, iPhoto (installed on all MACS) and iWork - these allow you to create albums, brochures, newsletters etc and convert them into a PDF that can be uploaded to YUDUfree.

PC USERS - Open Office (www.openoffice.org) is a free service which allows you to create lots of different publication layouts and to insert images into them

How do I remove the advertising in my digital publication?

In order to keep YUDUfree free for everyone, YUDUfree stream ads into page 0 of all free YUDU.com publications. If you publish with a free account, the ads will appear. To remove the advertising on the Carbon Neutral page 0, you need to upgrade to YUDUplus.

All publications created with a YUDUplus account will not show advertising on page 0. To fully customize your page 0, you need to upgrade to YUDU Pro.

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Signing up to YUDUplus – 14 day free trial

Trial YUDUplus FREE for 14 days! Click the green button on the YUDUplus page and follow the steps to upgrade. You will receive 14 days free trial before you are charged. Payment will not be taken until your free 14 day trial has ended. If during the 14 day free trial you wish to cancel your Plus account, you can simply cancel your Plus subscription and your payment will never be taken.

When will I be charged for YUDUplus?

Your PayPal payment will not be taken until your 14 day free trial has ended. If you cancel during the free trial, you will not be charged.

How do I cancel YUDUplus?

You can cancel your YUDUplus subscription at any time from your account management page. Click the 'Account Management' link at the top right of your screen and then click 'View cancel or amend payment details for subscriptions'. You will then be able to cancel YUU Plus. If you cancel during the 14 day free trial, you can continue to use your free YUDUfree account but the Plus only features will be disabled after the 14 days. If you cancel after your 14 day free trial, once payment has been taken, you will still be able to use your Plus account features until your Plus account runs out (1 year from purchase date).

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Do I have to put my publications into the YUDUfree library?

No. Not everyone will want their own YUDUfree Library and so we've kept the option to publish without having to register.

But if you change your mind in future, you will find many benefits to having a YUDUfree library, including your publication being fully searchable by the top search engines, the ability to alter its privacy settings and see your publication's reader stats.

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Can I embed my Library and place publications on my website or blog?

Yes. It is easy to embed any publication into your website or blog if you have your own YUDUfree library (to find out how to set yours up, see Create a library). To embed a single publication, click on it and then in the Item Details page, click Actions, then select 'Embed this item'. The basic option allows you to add an image of the publication which links to the full publication. The advanced option allows you to choose the size you would like and then copy and paste the HTML code into you blog or website's HTML editor.

To embed your entire library, go to My Library, click Actions and then select 'Embed this library'. You then have two options: the basic option, which allows you to embed a simple image link to your library, or the advanced option which lets you embed a version of the library itself. You can choose which publications you would like in your embedded library by adding a tag to all the items you want to be embedded and selecting that tag when prompted.

For more information on how to do this, see the Help & Advice section. If you don't have your own YUDUfree library, you can copy the URL link, which you can add to your site. It's free to create your own library! Create a library.

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Can I share my digital publications via email?

Yes. Just add the URL of the publication into the body of an email. This will send recipients a link to your publication on the YUDUfree site. It is not sent as an attachment, so no downloading is involved. You can now share large files with people around the world without ever exceeding the file size on emails, or spending ages waiting for items to send.

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Can I post my publication to social bookmarking and social networking sites?

Of course! Simply cut and paste the URL and post it to your favourite sites, as you would any other link.
You (or your readers) can also click the @ icon in the toolbar when viewing the publication to send it to a friend or submit it to DIGG, Delicious, Newsvine or Facebook. Let us know which other bookmarking or networking sites you would like us to include.

You can also add your whole page-turning publication to your MySpace page! Just click 'embed this item' on the publication summary page and you will be given the code to add to your MySpace page.

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I don't want to share! How do I protect my publication so that it is private?

You have the ability to choose your publication's privacy setting when you publish. Choose from shared, protected (you can share with selected people by password-protecting the publication) or private (no-one else can see it). You can change these settings at any time. Simply go to the publication summary page and click on the privacy setting field. For more information on privacy settings, see the Help and advice section.

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I have seen a publication of mine in the YUDUfree library that I did not publish!

All publishers have to abide by our content rules and agree to our terms and conditions before publishing. YUDUfree take copyright breaches very seriously and give all our readers a facility to report copyright abuse immediately. However, it is impossible for us to check every item. Click the "report abuse" link on the introduction page of the editionor at the bottom of this website and please give us as much information as possible, including the URL. All reports of copyright abuse will be investigated and YUDUfree reserves the right to remove any publications found to be breaching copyright.

YUDUfree Content rules?

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How do I report a publication that breaks the YUDUfree content rules?

YUDUfree does not allow copyright abuse or the publishing of any adult content or offensive material. We provide all users with a facility to report abuse of these 3 rules.

Click here to report abuse.

Make sure you give us the URL (link) of the item in question and the details of your concern about its content.

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What happened to YUDU Freedom?

Prior to the launch of the all new YUDUfree, we offered a basic free publishing site called YUDU Freedom. Those of you who loved YUDU Freedom will find the same great functionality on free.yudu.com as you did on our old site - but with some extra added features (such as a free library, the ability to enhance your publications with video and the ability to sell) to really enhance the user experience.

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How do I get my publication in the most popular section?

There are many things that can help you get your publication in the most popular section of the YUDUfree library, including great content!
Read our Help & advice section for some useful tips.

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How do I change My Library account settings?

Simply click the 'Options' button in your library, found underneath your library name. Here you can change your password, change your profile image and details and set your email preferences.

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My publication shows a flash error message at 66% loaded

If a Flash error message appears stating that Flash is running slowly when opening a digital publication (at 66% loaded), it could be that your own PC or laptop is running other programs at the same time - slowing down the Flash plugin. Quite simply, if this error message appears, click 'No' as it is asking if you wish to abort - then your publication will open as normal. If you click yes, the publication will not open.

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How do I get rid of the crop marks on my publication?

A common thing we see appearing is printer crop marks in digital publications - the little lines and coloured boxes at the edges of the page, that a traditional printer uses. If the originals already had crop marks, you can crop them out of the original source files using a program such as Acrobat. If you are unsure how to do this - send them back to the person or company that designed or created the files - they will be able to do it easily.

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My images aren't showing properly in my digital publications

For the best results, refer to the file specifications to ensure your digital publications are at the optimum quality. One possible reason for images not showing properly are if they contain partial transparencies or drop shadows. To avoid this problem, flatten all transparencies on the original file before uploading to YUDUfree you can easily do this using Acrobat by optimising the PDF to PDF 1.3

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I want to fully white label my publication / add my own branding

Although we keep the YUDUfree branding to a minimum on your digital publications, some of you may wish to fully white label your digital publications or add additional features that are not available, even with a YUDUplus account. Donít worry! We also have an advanced corporate product, YUDU Pro, which allows for white labeling and advanced, professional features and benefits. YUDU Pro also has a bureau service, where we will create the publications for you, and include full account management and support. Visit the YUDU Pro website

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