Create digital magazines with YUDUfree PDF to Flash software

YUDUfree makes it easy to create stunning PDF to Flash magazines that will wow, inform and persuade your readers. Our page turning software does the whole job for you online. To get started, simply choose the YUDUfree package that meets your needs.

Why PDF to Flash magazines are right for you

PDF to Flash magazines are easy to produce online, using YUDUfree's PDF to Flash software. This automatically uploads your files and translates them from one format to another. Our PDF to Flash software converts content held in most Microsoft Office and Open Office formats (including Word, Excel and PowerPoint), too.

Flash magazines are enhanced with page turning software, allowing readers the same sense of discovery they experience when turning paper pages. Each time they click, a new panorama of text, pictures and other graphic elements is revealed. Users can browse pages as they would with a paper edition. Page turning software also enables true interactive benefits like searching for content using keywords, jumping to specific pages and clicking links to connect to external websites.

PDF to Flash magazines are search-engine friendly too. They're usually indexed by the likes of Google within 48 hours of going live, boosting the chances of your content achieving high places in their rankings and being seen by more people.

Produce and share PDF to Flash magazines with YUDUfree

YUDU Free offers you the combined benefits of PDF to Flash software and page turning software and is available without subscription.

  • Create PDF to Flash magazines - and digital books, brochures, catalogues and portfolios too - all online and with ultimate ease.
  • Share your PDF to Flash magazines - in the YUDUfree library, where you set preferences to decide who can view, or by embedding them in your own website.

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Enhance and sell PDF to Flash magazines with YUDUplus

YUDUplus offers all the standard benefits of YUDUfree Free, plus much more.

  • Add video, audio and animations to your content, upping its impact and interactivity, and setting a mood for it to be consumed in. Page turning software and YUDUplus editing tools make it quick and easy.
  • Sell your PDF to Flash magazines and other content online. Just set a price - you receive 75% of gross sales revenue. All transactions are securely conducted through PayPal.

A 12-month YUDUplus subscription costs just £99 - a fraction of what you could otherwise pay to produce just a single multimedia brochure or catalogue.

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Optimise PDF to Flash magazines with YUDU Pro

Multiple award-winning YUDU Pro augments the benefits of YUDUplus to maximise the value and accessibility of your PDF to Flash magazines.

  • Outsource production of your PDF to Flash magazines and other digital titles to the YUDU Media Bureau. With years of experience, our professional technicians are ready to create engaging interactive experiences that wow, inform and persuade.
  • Boost the readability of your digital content with infinite zoom and razor-sharp vector text - ideal for text-rich items like digital magazines.
  • Ensure your PDF to Flash magazines are accessible to everyone. Navigation shortcut keys enable readers who can't use a mouse; text-only versions and audio screen readers enable the partially sighted and blind.
  • Receive personal attention from your own dedicated YUDU account manager; access Live Chat, offering online support 18 hours a day.

Dozens more exclusive benefits await you with YUDU Pro - the most complete way to convert content from PDF to Flash magazines, and to publish, promote and sell it online.

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