YUDUfree digital publications...

The benefits!

1. Get noticed online... YUDUfree publications are search engine friendly!

2. Includes live web links to click through to other sites and direct email links.

3. Readers can add bookmarks and notes to your publication.

4. Hosted by YUDUfree for free.

5. All publications are carbon neutral and family friendly.

6. No downloads... just read online!

7. Multiple views and zoom for easy reading.

8. Advanced keyword search tool – skip to the page you want.

9. High resolution images and crisp vector text.

10. Super fast loading time wherever you are in the world!

11. Add audio and Flash for an enhanced reading experience.

12. Quality video that loads instantly from the page.

13. Generate revenue with inserted video ads and sponsor pages.

14. Protect publications and sell them online via the YUDUfree hub.

15. Get all the added benefits and features of the YUDUfree hub including promotion and marketing for your publication.

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